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   Stacker version 3.00  

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   Product category: System tools and utilities
   Last updated: Aug 06, 2004
   Price: 4.95 USD

   Compatible devices:
    - Nokia 7650
    - Nokia 3650/3600
    - Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD
    - Nokia 6600
    - Siemens SX1
    - Nokia 7610
    - Nokia 3660/3620
    - Nokia 6260
    - Nokia 6620
    - Nokia 6670
    - Panasonic x700/x701
    - Samsung SGH-D730


This product is no longer supported by Symbianware. Now you can download and get full support for this product from Smartphoneware: version)

Stacker is the best, fully automatized and reliable compression system for your device. Stacker software doubles the size of your entire drives and works invisible behind the scene. When you start any compressed application it becomes decompressed in background automatically and it becomes compressed again when you close it.

Stacker is the best way to increase disks space on your device, it guarantees to give you as much disk space as possible without you even thinking about it!

Applications view

You may be aware that you can use compression to save your files in smaller forms, but you may not know how easy it can be! The program's interface is intuitive and easy to use. Stacker displays the list of installed apps. Just select an application you want to be compressed and press "Archive" button.

Total saved space is displayed in program's caption (in brackets). In apps view it's an amount of space saved by compressing the apps, in favourites view it's amount of space saved by compressing custom files and folders you have defined.

If you need to decompress the application now just select it and press "Restore".

- compressed apps.
- original apps.
- currently running apps.

In this view you can see how much space the application is using now and if the application is compressed, it shows how much space was saved (displayed in brackets) and its compression rate.

You can work with your device as usual and there are absolutely no changes to your system. All compressed applications are displayed in system shell and can be launched from there (and from anywhere as well).

Starting Card Deck for example. When a compressed application is being started you see decompressing progress indicator. After the indicator disappears the application will be started.

It's time to play now ;)

After you close the program it will be automatically compressed again in background. When the program is being compressed you can see small indicator in the top-right corner of the screen but you can work with your device now almost without noticeable performance lost. This is an easy, foolproof and the fastest way to regain space in your system.

Favourites view

You can switch between Applications view and Favourites view with Joystick Left and Right.

If you often compress/decompress any custom files/folders you can define a group including any number of such files and folders. The whole group can be compressed/decompressed with one key press. E.g. you can define groups 'My pictures', 'My videos', etc.

In this view you can see how much space a group (all its files and folders) uses now and if the group is compressed it shows how much space was saved (displayed in brackets) and its compression rate.

In addition to Favourites view Stacker includes built-in file FileBrowser. It allows you to compress/decompress any file on your device in some key presses without adding it to groups, etc.


Look and feel settings

Stacker is fully customizeable and you can define how it will look and act. In look and feel settings you can define which layout and performance will be used while compressed app is being started and when compressed app is being closed and recompressed.

There are five types of progress indicators available:

  • Caption indicator - Small indicator displayed in the caption area.
  • Bottom indicator - Small indicator displayed in the bottom of the screen.
  • Classic progress - Classic progress bar on the bottom of the screen.
  • Caption pie - Small pie styled progress displayed in the caption area.
  • Bottom pie - Small pie styled progress displayed in the bottom of the screen.

There are two performance options available:

  • Best speed - compressor is optimized for high speed.
  • Background - compressor is optimized for multitasking, so while compressing/decompressing you can work with your device almost without noticeable performance lost and without limitations.

Default settings: when application is being started it uses high speed settings and classic progress layout, when application is being closed and compressed again it uses background settings for speed and small caption indicator.

Here you can also specify whether Stacker should change an application icon or not. BTW, if you don't want Stacker to patch application icon you can save an additional 1-2 kB per each application.

Miscellaneous functions

  • Application Run application command - starts selected application
  • Application Application info command - shows info about selected application. Here you can see application type, how much space it uses now, if the app is compressed then how much space it used in original state, how much space was saved by compressing this app and its compression rate.
  • Application Add to favourites command - adds selected application to system favourites (PinBoard)
  • Misc Memory, disks info command - shows free memory, space left on disks and total information about compressed applications.
  • Misc Add to favourites command - adds Stacker itself to system favourites.

Behind the screen

  • To keep your data in smaller forms we use industry standard LZ77 compression algorithm. The one all ZIP programs use.
  • Stacker doesn't have an memory resident module that always runs when the system works. Stacker's compressor is loaded only when it is needed (to compress or decompress app) and unloaded immediately after the work is done. Hence Stacker doesn't waste valuable memory, doesn't slow down the whole system, and doesn't provoke batteries to discharge faster.
  • Stacker not only saves your disk space it compresses device memory as well when any compressed application starts or finishes. That keeps maximum amount of memory everytime you work with your device!
  • Intellectual rollback if there was any error while compressing/decompressing (out of disk space, etc). That gives you reliable and fail safe work with your device.
  • Automatic recovering if you have upgraded/deleted the compressed application without decompressing it first. So no need to think whether your application was compressed or not before upgrading it, Stacker will care about it for you automatically!
  • If you start a compressed program and then power off or restart your device without closing the program (and decompressing it) then you can simply start Stacker and it will automatically compress all programs that remain uncompressed because of restart automatically.
  • Full support for MGS games. All MGS games are compressed/decompressed automatically with MGS console.
  • When an application is being compressed or decompressed you can meantime work normally with your device. But if you try to start this app you'll get 'App is busy' message. It's not an error, it's the message to you that the compressor is already working on this application. But there are no limitations to other applications, you can start/close as many compressed applications as you want at the same time. Our compressor can handle multiple requests.



Stacker has been awarded first place in application contest in productivity category arranged by Nokia. The contest judges, including both technical experts and business development professionals from Nokia, selected applications that showed the best combination of quality and usability. Link to official information from Nokia

Stacker for Nokia Series 60 is recognized as the best software application in its category and is officially announced as a winner of the pdaPointer's Editors' Choice Award in the System Utilities & Enhancements category for Symbian.

It`s time to break the memory limitation of your SmartPhone now!

User opinions:

Staff Picks from Handango, reviewed by: J in Business Development: A real lifesaver!

They say that you never really miss something until it's gone, but with this application, I realized what I had been missing from my device all along: more space! I love putting new applications and games on my Nokia 3650 and before Stacker, I always had to remove old apps to put in new ones. Stacker makes the process simple and fast!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Mark Haury from Abbeville: Just What The Doctor Ordered!

$9.95 and worth every penny! I had purchased a few other programs that would not run due to low phone memory. After installing Stacker and compressing everything that I could, my SmartMovie program is now working great! It's really nice to purchase something that delivers what the promise. Thanks Stacker!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Stacker User from Somewhere in Asia: What I can say is ...Wow!

What a great tool with cool UI. This is the best ever tool I ve used for my 7650.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Trial version works for 15 days without any limitation. When the trial period is over you still can use the program to decompress your applications or files, but compress functions will be blocked until registered.

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