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  SmsReminder version 1.00  

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   Product category: Telephony enhancement tools
   Last updated: Feb 01, 2004
   Price: 9.95 USD

   Compatible devices:
    - Sony Ericsson P800
    - Sony Ericsson P900
    - Sony Ericsson P910


This product is no longer supported by Symbianware. Now you can download and get full support for this product from here

Never again miss an important SMS! SmsReminder essentially increases the performance of your smartphone. It uses music, speech or tones to draw your attention to a received but not opened yet SMS message.


Too bad! You have received an important SMS message but have not heard the signal. Now the message is waiting for you in your inbox to be noticed.

Surely your business partner, your wife or your relatives will not be happy if you open their message hours later. On the contrary! They will not understand that the most powerful smartphone of the world - your smartphone - is not equipped with an SMS reminder function.

It's so easy to miss an incoming SMS alarm especially if the smartphone was placed in another room for this moment, in a leather wallet or in your jacket when you're in the car on the street, etc. Of course, you don't want to check the display constantly to ensure that you have not missed an important message you might be waiting for. You see, there are many reasons to use SmsReminder.

How to use it:

To use SmsReminder you should start SmsReminder application to configure it for the first time and then to activate it.

When service is activated there is no need to keep SmsReminder application opened. You may close it in order to save your device's memory.

How it works:

While SmsReminder is activated: when a new SMS arrives you hear a system default sound (incoming message sound). If you haven't check the newly arrived message for some time (defined in SmsReminder "Remind period") then SmsReminder will show its own "You have" window and will play alarm. If you still don't check the new SMS then SmsReminder will play an alarm again after some minutes ("Remind period"). There is an ability to snooze or to go directly to the Inbox immediately.

Of course it could be highly annoying when you receive a message at night and SmsReminder notifies you about it for the whole night. That's why you can set up period when SmsReminder is allowed to notify you only (enable "Remind only" and in "From" and "To" fields fill in the period when SmsReminder is allowed to notify you).

If you get a message and your device is in flip closed mode then system window "you have" will appear. If you haven't check the newly arrived message for some time (defined in SmsReminder "Remind period") then SmsReminder will play a definded sound to bring your attention. Pressing any key or opening the flip will stop playing.

Behind the screen:

  • If silent mode is activated in your system then SmsReminder shows "You have" only (doesn't play alarm) when it's time to notify.
  • SmsReminder comes with an autostart feature, it means that after the system restarts you don't have to activate SmsReminder again. If it was activated before the system restart it will be done automatically.
  • You can select any reminder tone, using any preferred sound file. When selecting a reminder tone the possibility to preview the sound is provided automatically.

User opinions:

The Male Adonis from UK: Amazing, now you never need to miss a message!

Once activated it sits in the background and alerts you to a missed or forgotton SMS, i have mine set for 5 mins, works like a charm.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The downloaded software works for 15 days as full version, afterwards we ask you to register it.

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