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ScreenTaker documentation:


  ScreenTaker version 1.01  


   Product category: System tools and utilities
   Last updated: Jan 23, 2003
   Price: Freeware

   Compatible devices:
    - Nokia 7650
    - Nokia 3650/3600
    - Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD
    - Nokia 6600
    - Siemens SX1
    - Nokia 6620
    - Nokia 7610
    - Nokia 3660/3620
    - Nokia 6260
    - Nokia 6670
    - Nokia 6630
    - Panasonic x700/x701
    - Samsung SGH-D730


This product is no longer supported by Symbianware. Now you can download and get full support for this product from Smartphoneware: (mobile version)

Create screenshots, simple, fast and free of charge!

The year is almost over and SmartAppz-Symbianware wants to say thanks to all our engaged and enthusiastic customers - therefore we publish our newest tool ScreenTaker as freeware!

ScreenTaker is a freeware utility which gives you the possibility to take screenshots on your Nokia Smartphone any time using the defined key combination. The screenshot with the name you assign to it will be saved in your images folder.

ScreenTaker instructions:

  • After program start you can press Hide button to send the application to background so when you want to take a screenshot press 'ABC + Menu key' or 'ABC + *' on your Nokia 7650 to execute it. On Nokia 3650 you should press 'Pencil key + Menu key' or 'Pencil key + *'.
  • The program allows you to define an image name after taking the screenshot.
  • Taken images are saved directly to your Images folder that allows you to view taken screenshots and send them by MMS, Infrared or Bluetooth later with standard 'Images' application.
  • All the images are saved in JPEG format, so these highly compressed images won't take much space on your device. You also can send them and view on your PC without converting
  • The program uses 16 kB of disk space only or 6 kB only when compressed with Stacker application.

    Sample screenshots:

    User opinions: from Bruges, Flanders: simple yet very useful

    great for adding screenshots to testing reports

    Rating: 5 out of 5

       Download ScreenTaker

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