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  PowerNavigation version 2.03  

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   Product category: System tools and utilities
   Last updated: Nov 10, 2004
   Price: 19.95 USD

   Compatible devices:
    - Nokia 7650
    - Nokia 3650/3600
    - Nokia 6600
    - Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD
    - Siemens SX1
    - Nokia 7610
    - Sendo X
    - Nokia 6260
    - Nokia 3660/3620
    - Nokia 6670
    - Nokia 6630
    - Panasonic x700/x701
    - Nokia 6680/6681
    - Nokia 3230
    - Samsung SGH-D730


This product is no longer supported by Symbianware. Now you can download and get full support for this product from here

PowerNavigation will let you use your GPS receiver for all kinds of navigation tasks as effectively as possible. You can use custom maps with the help of PowerNavigation. It will also let you watch direction, movement speed, level of GPS signal and satellites' monitoring, record passed way, create waypoints, tracks and different sound events.
This program requires a separate GPS receiver. It's not supplied with your device!

MapEditor is an application that lets you create maps in .pnmap format (Power Navigation Map), which can be used for navigation in PowerNavigation 2 on your device.

License: Freeware, moreover you are allowed to use created maps both in personal and commercial way (e.g. sell them by yourself, if you don't break any copyrights).

Content providers: If you made a map for use with PowerNavigation and want to share it with others then simply drop us a line and we'll publish a link to your page or webstore where your maps are located.

More information about MapEditor...
Download MapEditor for free...

What's new in version 2.01:

  • Fixed: bug with calibrate map on device;
  • Fixed: bug with speed calculation;
  • Fixed: 'compass' bug;
  • Fixed: bug in function "Add route from track";
  • Fixed: in Nautical mile mode speed set to knots;
  • Improved: color selection dialog;
  • Improved: algorithm of distance and azimuth calculation;
  • Improved: graph redraw at Info view;
  • Imporved: some user interface features;
  • Added: icons in switch view menu;
  • Added: datum support for maps;
  • Added: track points filter;
  • Added: function for move map on Internal or external storage;

PowerNavigation has five views: Track view, Navigation view, GPS info view, Information view and Settings view.

Basic terms and concepts:

  • Bluetooth GPS receiver - a device that receives signal from a satellite and sends it via bluetooth to your device. You can find a list of some GPS receivers here. To choose and activate GPS receiver, select view Settings, then GPS. In dialog GPS check on GPS and select Address ;

  • Map - a map is prepared in a special program - MapEditor for PC. A map corresponds to some actual place. Maps can also be calibrated on your device. When you create a map, you can create POI and routes;
    All imported maps stored in folder documentsPNMaps;

  • POI - points of interest;

  • Route - several linked waypoints representing a route. Routes can be created in PowerNavigation or received with a map. To perform navigation along a route select Route then Rout and select needed;
    All imported maps stored in folder documentsPNRoutes;

  • Waypoint - a point with coordinates and an icon. Waypoints are joined into groups. If you need to set a waypoint as a destination point, you should select destination Waypoint, select Waypoint then waypoint. When a waypoint is reached PowerNavigation can play a sound in case it is set;

  • Track - a totality of waypoints that are automatically saved during movement. A route can be created from a track, in order to do this select dialog Routes in settings view, and select Add from track. A track can be played;
    All imported maps stored in folder documentsPNTracks;

Track view

In this view you can perform navigation along a map, POIs, a track, a route and waypoints. You can also create and edit routes and calibrate a map.

Depending on the most important information you can set up the layout:

  • Sticky position - sets to a current GPS position;
  • Brief;
  • Coordinate;
  • Altitude - speed;
  • Speed - heading;

In lower left corner scale is shown, and in lower right there are buttons for zoom in/out and sticky position on/off.

For scroll you can use cursor arrows for smooth scrolling hold Pen(Abc) key use cursor arrows.

Track operations:

  • Activate;
  • Clear;
  • Save as;

Track player:

  • Previous point;
  • Play;
  • Pause;
  • Stop;
  • Next point;
  • Open track;

Map POIs:

  • Search;
  • Goto;
  • Info;
  • Create waypoint from POI;

Navigation view

In this view you can see the compass and detailed information:

Depending on the most important information you can set up the layout:

  • Brief;
  • Coordinate;
  • Speed - distance;
  • Altitude - speed;
  • Distance - altitude;

Compass settings:

  • Type - rotated/fixed;
  • Size - big/small;

Navigation settings:

  • Waypoints;
  • Routes;
  • Bearing;

GPS info view

The following information is shown in this view:

  • Latitude/Longitude;
  • Altitude;
  • DOP - Delusion Of Precision;
  • Fix 2D/3D/Not valid;
  • SNR - Signal-To-Noise Ratio;
  • Satellite position;

Information view

The following information is shown in this view:

  • Speed or altitude chart;
  • Altitude;
  • Speed;
  • Average speed;
  • Track length;
  • Position accuracy;

Settings view

General settings:

  • Font size (Small/Normal);
  • Backlight settings (Always on/On if GPS or charger/On if GPS/On if charger/Off);
  • Transparent labels (On/Off);
  • Show grid (On/Off);
  • Splash screen (On/Off);
  • Measure (Metric/Statute mile/Nautical mile);
  • Diameter (in meters);
  • Track smooth (0-100 %);
  • GPS log (On/Off);

GPS settings:

  • GPS Active (On/Off);
  • Bluetooth address of GPS receiver;
  • Baud rate of receiver;

Maps's operations:

  • Activate/Deactivate;
  • Send via (Bluetooth/Infrared/File);


  • Waypoint groups: Add/Edit/Delete/(Un)Mark/Export;
  • Waypoints: Add/Edit/Delete/Mark/Unmark/Import from GPX/Export to GPX/Goto;
  • Group properties:
    • Name;
    • Sound;
    • Icon;
  • Waypoint properties:
    • Name;
    • Latitude;
    • Longitude;
    • Group;
    • Sound;
    • Icon;

Route's operations:

  • Add new route;
  • Edit route name;
  • Delete route;
  • Add from track;
  • Send;
  • Import from GPX;
  • Export to GPX;

Track's operations:

  • Add new track;
  • Edit track name;
  • Delete track;
  • Clear 'Default' track on exit (On/Off);
  • Send;
  • Import from GPX;
  • Export to GPX;

Sound events:

  • GPS activated;
  • GPS deactivated;
  • Waypoint reached;

Color themes:

  • Activate;
  • Add / edit / delete;
  • Import / Export;

List of some Bluetooth GPS Receivers:



EMTAC Technology Corp.


HOLUX Technology Inc.


Globalsat Technology Corporation.


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