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  AppMan version 1.04  

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   Product category: System tools and utilities
   Last updated: Jan 21, 2003
   Price: 11.95 USD

   Compatible devices:
    - Nokia 7650
    - Nokia 3650/3600
    - Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD
    - Nokia 6600
    - Siemens SX1
    - Sendo X
    - Nokia 6260
    - Nokia 6620
    - Nokia 6670
    - Nokia 6630
    - Nokia 7610
    - Nokia 3660/3620
    - Panasonic x700/x701
    - Samsung SGH-D730


This product is no longer supported by Symbianware. Now you can download and get full support for this product from here

A professional tool for any smartphone user who wants to get the most from his device. Dozens unique functions and features are available: system summary view; memory and disks information; extended applications management, including compressed ones; complete management, control and information about running applications, processes, threads, open files, etc; removing trash from previously installed apps, memory compression, and much much more.

Summary view

Shows system summary view. Here you can see free memory information, disks information, summary information about installed and currently running applications and summary statistics for compressed apps. (AppMan supports SmartCompress archives, SmartCompress packed apps, and SpaceDoubler format)

Special functions: (available in any view)

  • Compress memory - it reclaims some amount of memory back from a running application and the system.
  • Close all apps - closes running applications, but only these which can be closed without damage to system.
  • Restart device - Restarts your device.

Running applications

This view shows you the information about running applications.
Here you can see how much memory the running app uses, switch to the selected application, close or kill an application, get its extended info and threads information.

View settings: Here you can define whether to view hidden apps or not. Hidden applications are marked with picture if shown.

Processes view

Shows a list of running processes sorted by ProcessId in descended order, in simpler words the last started processes comes first in the list.


[..] - ProcessId
P.. - Process priority
Hs:.. - Heap segment size
Ss:.. - Stack segment size
T.. - Thread count

Here you can kill selected process, get extended information about it or gather its threads information.

Lines marked with picture mean that this process was started from ROM.

In the view settings you can define whether to show all processes or to exclude ROM based. In simpler terms if you exclude ROM based processes you can see the processes started by third party applications only (apps you have installed additionally on your phone)

Open files view

Displays a list of all open files by system and third party applications. The list is sorted by the time of opening in descending order, in simpler words the latest opened files are on the top of the list.

If SmartViewer application is installed you can view file contents directly from AppMan. Please note: some files are opened in exclusive mode and cannot be viewed.

Installed applications

Displays a list of all applications found in the system. In this list you can see the application name, the amount of disk space it uses now, and if it is a compressed application you can see the amount of saved space and compression rate.

In this view you can start a selected application, add it to favourites, remove applications remains if any, and get extended application info.

Application type legend:

  • ROM based application. Application that comes with your phone and is located in firmware.
  • Normal application. Third part application you have installed by yourself.
  • Compressed application. AppMan recognizes now two types of compressed applications for SmartCompress and SpaceDoubler format. (Note: AppMan shows the real amount of saved space and compression rate)
  • Trash or application remains. This can be a part of application installed and removed before. E.g. ini files, saved games, high scores, etc. If you think you don't need it on your device you can press Remove button to delete these files from your device.

In the settings for this view you can define whether to show all installed apps or to exclude ROM based ones. If you exclude ROM based apps you'll see the applications you have installed by yourself only.

AppMan uses 74 kB of disk space or 29 kB only if compressed with SmartCompress application.

User opinions:

A reviewer from watchung, NJ: test both 'task' managers -- was the better one

either it is easier to use or simply had more features than the competition. just was easier to use!

Rating: 5 out of 5

The downloaded software works for 15 days as full version, afterwards we ask you to register it.

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