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Important announcement

Mar 04, 2006

The mobile application market is growing and developing very fast. In order to fulfil the needs of this dynamic market Symbianware decides to found two new, independent companies - Smartphoneware and Rock Your Mobile!.

Smartphoneware is more concentrated on the end-user market as well as providing ready solutions for publishers, network providers and operators.

Rock Your Mobile goes mostly to B2B market and to device makers while not leaving the dynamic end-user market as well.

No new titles or updates are expected to be puplished under the branding of SymbianWare starting from beginning of March 2006. For updates of existing products and for thrilling new software titles please visit:

Existing customers of SymbianWare will get full support and new license codes in case of device upgrades up to the end of 2006. For such issues please be so kind and browse the application catalogue of the two new companies below:

Products supported by Smartphoneware:

PowerSafe for series 80
PowerConverter for series 80
PowerSecure for series 80
PowerDay for series 80
SBasic for series 80
FileGuard for series 80
PowerFile for series 80
Full screen caller for series 80
PowerDates for series 80
PowerProfiles for series 80
MessageStorer for series 80
PowerClock for series 80
iLines for series 80
Smart vCard for series 80
Astronix for series 80
eBible for series 80

BlackList for series 80.1
SmartSecure for series 80.1
SmartDisplay for series 80.1
AutoExec for series 80.1
MultiClipboard for series 80.1
Stacker for series 80.1
SmartMemory for series 80.1
SmartAnswer for series 80.1
SmartProfiles for series 80.1
SmartBirthday for series 80.1
SmartVcard for series 80.1
Astronix for series 80.1
iLines for series 80.1

Tracker for UIQ
PowerProtect for UIQ
PowerConverter for UIQ
PowerCalc for UIQ
TaskMan for UIQ
FileMan for UIQ
Kamasutra for UIQ
EBible for UIQ

MessageStorer for UIQ
SmartBirthday for UIQ
PowerClock for UIQ
PowerCar for UIQ
EBook for UIQ
SmartvCard for UIQ
Lady Chatterley's for UIQ

Full screen caller for series 60
SmsMachine for series 60
Stacker for series 60
SmartCrypto for series 60
SmsReminder for series 60
SmsSpamKiller for series 60
PowerBall for series 60
MultiClipboard for series 60
SmartAnswer for series 60
MessageStorer for series 60
PowerLock for series 60
PowerDictaphone for series 60
CallCheater for series 60

FileMan for series 60
SmartBirthday for series 60
PowerTorch for series 60
AutoExec for series 60
SmartvCard for series 60
eBook for series 60
Lady Chatterley's for series 60
SmartvCal for series 60
AstroNix for series 60
SysMan for series 60
PowerNotes for series 60
PowerCar for series 60
eBible for series 60

PowerFile for Nokia 7710
FileGuard for Nokia 7710

EBible for Nokia 7710
DesktopFileMan for PC

In case you have any issues with these applications please contact:

Products supported by Rock-Your-Mobile!:

Powerdesk for series 80
Outliner for series 80
Stacker for series 80
CallRecorder for series 80
PowerNavigation for series 80
SmartClock for series 80.1
SmartReminder for series 80.1

BlackList for series 60
AppMan for series 60
FSClock for series 80
WallpaperChanger for series 60
CallRecorder for series 60
SmartLauncher for series 60
PowerNavigation for series 60
SmartProfiles for series 60
SmartViewer for series 60

PowerDay for UIQ
SmsMachine for UIQ
Stacker for UIQ
SmsReminder for UIQ
PowerNavigation for UIQ
SmartDates for UIQ
BMICalc for UIQ

Outliner for Nokia 7710

In case you have any issues with these applications please contact:



Symbianware fully supports Samsung D730

Sep 16, 2005

Symbianware is happy to announce that most of our products are compatible to the Samsung D730. Please be so kind and visit our new software section here:

Samsung D730 software section



CallRecorder available for Nokia 9500/9300 Communicators

Aug 26, 2005

This useful application will let you record incoming and outgoing phone calls. CallRecorder can start recording automatically or ask wheather to record a conversation or not - this will depend on the rules you set up.

More information about CallRecorder for Nokia 9500/9300...



PowerSecure for Nokia Communicators is available

Aug 09, 2005

PowerSecure is the ultimate tool to protect your data from unauthorized use! The program secures your data and allows you to personalize your device by showing owner information when the cover opens.

More information about PowerSecure...



SmsMachine for series 60 compatibility list extended

Jul 27, 2005

SmsMachine is a fully customized SMS answering machine for your smartphone. You can predefine any number of response messages automatically sent to people calling you or sending SMS or MMS to you to fully customize your needs. There are custom responses for persons from contacts, for groups of persons from contacts, for custom phone numbers, default response, black list, selective situations, message templates, tight interaction with Contacts and Messaging applications, handy log, etc, etc...

Now SmsMachine supports the following devices:

Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650/3600, Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD, Siemens SX1, Nokia 3660/3620, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6670, Panasonic x700/x701, Nokia 6680/6681, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6260, Sendo X

More information about SmsMachine for Series 60...



PowerConverter for Nokia communicators is available

Jul 20, 2005

PowerConverter is fast and easy way to convert almost anything to anything else. Over 1.100 units in 67 categories, currency conversions with online rate updates, easy-to-use interface - it's a real conversion power in your pocket!

More information about PowerConverter...



Blacklist for series 60 compatibility list extended

Jul 20, 2005

No more unwanted calls! BlackList application automatically rejects any unwelcomed call. The program is fully customizable and easy to use. There are custom rules that can contain persons from contacts, groups of persons from contacts, custom phone numbers, there are selective situations, tight interaction with Contacts, handy log, etc, etc...

Now Blacklist supports the following devices:

Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650/3600, Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD, Siemens SX1, Nokia 3660/3620, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6670, Panasonic x700/x701, Nokia 6680/6681, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6260, Sendo X

More information about Blacklist for Series 60...



Full Screen Caller available for Nokia 9500/9300 Communicators

Jul 19, 2005

Extend the possibilities of your communicator! Do not limit yourself to small photos and scarce information! Full Screen Caller will show a big picture and detailed information about your interlocutor. This simple and yet powerful application will make your incoming and outgoing calls more informative and gratifying to the eye.

More information about Full Screen Caller for Nokia 9500/9300...


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